The Unintentional Consequences of the Triathlon


November 2015

#1 waiting in line

Well it all begins. We volunteered to secure a place in line to sign up for this crazy adventure. 

Right now it is cold and the line began at 3:30 am according to others. We arrived a little before 5am. It stretches out with future Ironmen all waiting for their chance to pay for the pain and joy of crossing the finish line. 


#64 Riding to Nowhere

Pedaling, pedaling, pedaling and yet staying in the same place. Ah, the trainer. Yes that dreaded piece of equipment that I know will make me stronger but is it ever mentally a challenge. 

We were told to go for 90 minutes and find the data points for the first 45 compared to the last. So we set up the trainers, attached the bikes and just started pedaling. Ok well maybe we spent like 30 minutes just trying to get the bike computer working. But then off we went. Pedaling to nowhere. 

Test done.  


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