The Unintentional Consequences of the Triathlon


March 2016

Celebrating small victories

Yesterday was a day of celebration. This lifting weight thing must be working as I was able to do one rep of the push press at 85lbs. Tried for another rep but it was a no go. Yay for a new rep max.

Then there was the infamous walk it off workout. Jeff and I met to conquer this beast at a new track. I think he secretly hoped it would give him that little extra motivation to get through the entire workout for the first time. Let’s just say this one is a leg killer. 

After many, many walking lunges later it was a complete success! So proud of you Jeff for pushing through. 

Of course today my legs are letting me know they worked hard. So grateful for the rest day however it includes flying for work. Yikes.  


Keeping it up

Well the training continues.  Everyday is a day closer to the goal of finishing strong in IMAZ.  As I challenge myself to get stronger I have to remind myself that I can lift more.  It is amazing how much my mind is limiting factor.  Yes physically I can feel the strain and burn.  But I wonder how much more I can truly handle.  Also I really need to get better at keeping a training log.  I know I am making improvements but definitely if I would but write it down I could see with clarity what is happening.  Alas life is a journey and also we are in progress.

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