The Unintentional Consequences of the Triathlon

When your coach calls you a tugboat

The appointment was set.  I arrived early trying to miss traffic so I sat in his office lobby just plugging away on my laptop getting work done before the meeting.  I had been anticipating this day from the moment I discovered we still weren’t running yet.

The appointment started with me asking “Am I going to get my speed back?”

Coach responded “You will get your aerobic endurance built”

This went back and forth three times.  To when he finally said, “have you seen a tugboat?”
“Of course, I have”  To which he replied “I built you to be a tugboat, strong!”

So there you have it.  I have been build to be strong and steady.  Not sure how I feel about being called a tugboat.  Not something a girl hears everyday.  But I am still hoping some of my speed will come back.  It has been a challenging journey but one that I will keep making until the finish line.


Getting inspired

Been watching the team Spartan challenge lately. I remember years ago doing the Spartan sprint. That race is no joke. I had bruises, scrapes, and mud in my hair for days. 

But tonight it gave me that extra push to get to the gym to finish my deadlift workout. Starting to embrace getting strong. Tonight was a test of how much could I lift. Finally starting to make strides and gain muscle. 

Phase 2=Speed

We have entered Phase 2 of Ironman Training.  Speed is the focus.  If this morning’s workout is any indication it is going to be a tough one.

I have finally gotten used to the gym and lifting heavier and heavier weights.  Finally making some strength gains. I have always been envious of the ripped arms of some friends and their tight abs.  Alas none of those have appeared but I can now push, press, deadlift and squat more than I could at the start.  Also even started enjoying the challenge of it all.

But swim, bike, run I come.  Here we go to add back in some speed but for the last phase of endurance.

Stairs+Heels=Oh my calves

The stairs loomed before.  I had done this workout many times but always with my friends, giving me the extra boost to keep going.  The forecast for the day was rain but I had managed to start with a break in the clouds.  Yes! a little less rain to go.

I finished the workout drenched from head to toe as the rain moved in as I made my way up and down. Done!

Then Monday came.  Professional life in business requires me to look the part.  Heels it was that day.  Yeah need to re-think the wardrobe after hard workouts.  My calves talked to me everyday until finally on Thursday after the massage when it got all worked out.


Celebrating small victories

Yesterday was a day of celebration. This lifting weight thing must be working as I was able to do one rep of the push press at 85lbs. Tried for another rep but it was a no go. Yay for a new rep max.

Then there was the infamous walk it off workout. Jeff and I met to conquer this beast at a new track. I think he secretly hoped it would give him that little extra motivation to get through the entire workout for the first time. Let’s just say this one is a leg killer. 

After many, many walking lunges later it was a complete success! So proud of you Jeff for pushing through. 

Of course today my legs are letting me know they worked hard. So grateful for the rest day however it includes flying for work. Yikes.  


Keeping it up

Well the training continues.  Everyday is a day closer to the goal of finishing strong in IMAZ.  As I challenge myself to get stronger I have to remind myself that I can lift more.  It is amazing how much my mind is limiting factor.  Yes physically I can feel the strain and burn.  But I wonder how much more I can truly handle.  Also I really need to get better at keeping a training log.  I know I am making improvements but definitely if I would but write it down I could see with clarity what is happening.  Alas life is a journey and also we are in progress.


That day you see on the horizon and know all those early mornings will pass and you can sleep in.  I was so looking forward to this morning.  I was ready to just dream and stay all snuggled up in my bed just relaxing and enjoying a few moments of sweet blessed sleep.

Then this morning came.  5:08 the clock said.  My brain kicked in and I was awake. I guess when you regularly get up at the crack o’dawn your body and brain say ha ha no way!

Alas to look forward to the next rest day.


The time had been set.  True the forecast in Seattle is always kind of a gamble.  It does rain a lot here.  Especially this year.  But the morning seemed pretty decent. Cloudy, a little cold but so far no rain.

We arrive at the track and as we start getting out of the car we look across the horizon.  Dark clouds loom.  It is then we both realize this might be a very wet and soggy workout.  I joke about if the rain comes I am hiding out in the car.  But I figure we have a shot to get the whole thing finished before the raindrops start.

First lap, warm-up the wind starts picking up.  Second lap, I am finally not freezing and my core temperature is starting to increase.  Third lap, the drizzle begins.  Walking lunges commence and then the rain.

I kept telling myself this is all part of the training.  To just keep going.  That to persevere through the wind, cold, and rain is what being an ironman is all about.  To just not stop moving until the finish.

Well happy to report that is exactly what I did.  But I was soaked through when we finished.  I am not sure my shoes will dry out for a couple of dayd

Push Ups

Yesterday included lots and lots of push ups.  Who knew if I just challenged myself I would be able to do 80 push ups.  Ok I was supposed to do perfect push ups and take my time.  I definitely need to work on getting closer down to the ground for a more full extension but I have graduated to being on my toes!  I call that a victory.

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