The Unintentional Consequences of the Triathlon


December 2015

A little bit of ugh

The mirror at gym. We have a love hate relationship going. It is great for checking my form and making sure I am at least attempting to be in alignment. Yet, it is also a brutal reminder that I am not quite where I want to be physique wise. 

I am proud of what I have accomplished and do work hard to prioritize fitness in my life. But there is that one area on my body that I just can’t quite get the extra layer of let’s say cushion off. 
So this mornings gym session with the mirror was, well frankly, ugh! 

Vacation Training

I wish that title reflected that I am training for vacation.  Wouldn’t that be fun.  But no, this is more of getting in my training while on vacation.  Always a fun challenge.  At times it has opened doors of new trails to run, cities to explore, etc.  This time it meant getting creative in the hotel gym. So trying to do a push press with dumbbells.  Let’s just say it wasn’t pretty.

Due to a little hotel construction and not really figuring out how to do the next workout in the tiny gym, I strapped on my running shoes the next morning and headed out on the Vegas strip for a run.  Shhh don’t tell my coach as this was kind of cheating.  So along the way I ran to the soundtrack of whatever pop music was blaring out of the various casinos.  Cars honked as I ran by and dodged the morning crowd of people either just leaving the night of revelry or blurry eyed meander down the strip.  I even got high-fived by Captain America.  I guess he figured there might need world saving in Vegas.

Towards the end of my run a fun thing happened.  I came upon a couple, also out for a run, wearing some ironman gear.  As I passed by a comment was made about me smoking the guy with a pacer shirt on.  I happend to be wearing one of my pacer shirts from a recent race.  I laughed, turned around and started chatting with the couple.  It turns out they had done the race I am currently training for.  So we ran together for a couple of miles just swapping stories and me listening to their advice for race day.  One thing I love about the running and tri community is at times you can just pick up a conversation with complete strangers and leave like you were talking with friends.  We didn’t even catch each others names but it was sure fun getting to run a little together.  Who knows maybe our paths will cross again or maybe not.  But we will both be at the starting line of an event in the near future.

One week in…

Or at least about a week. So far the workouts are both shorter than I expected and bringing varying degrees of soreness. 

Yet, changing up my workouts in the midst of holiday treats galore has not gone so well for my waistline. Oh that I would love vegetables over cheese, chocolate, and carbs. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy delightfully roasted veggies but the treats abound and I just have no will power. Hopefully, the coach is right and these new workouts will make me a stronger leaner athlete. Or well at least allow for a few treats. 

Hello Muscles

Yup they are there. Pretty much telling me hey we exist and you don’t do this often. I have a feeling the soreness that is traveling all over my body is going to be a constant companion for a bit. So hello gym and weights. Meet your new friend. 

Day #1 

Yesterday we got the plan. Technique tips were given. Questions answered. Then sent on our way to follow the plan. Will it work? Only time will tell. 

So today the plan for me was to conquer the workout after work. Then life happened. A side trip to put up the Christmas tree derailed by rain. Questions about my cat surfaced. She is losing weight. Is she ok? She is 15 so she has lived a good life but it can’t be her time. So to the vet I go. 

Let’s just say this one is tiny but puts up a huge fight. She bit the vet tech, and managed to get her claws all caught up in the carrier. Finally it was decided she would have to be sedated to even have blood work done. An hour and half later return to the vet to find out she was probably one of the most difficult blood draws. For the results I wait. 

Workout…well that will wait too. I am spent. But tomorrow is another day. 

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