The Unintentional Consequences of the Triathlon


April 2016

Phase 2=Speed

We have entered Phase 2 of Ironman Training.  Speed is the focus.  If this morning’s workout is any indication it is going to be a tough one.

I have finally gotten used to the gym and lifting heavier and heavier weights.  Finally making some strength gains. I have always been envious of the ripped arms of some friends and their tight abs.  Alas none of those have appeared but I can now push, press, deadlift and squat more than I could at the start.  Also even started enjoying the challenge of it all.

But swim, bike, run I come.  Here we go to add back in some speed but for the last phase of endurance.

Stairs+Heels=Oh my calves

The stairs loomed before.  I had done this workout many times but always with my friends, giving me the extra boost to keep going.  The forecast for the day was rain but I had managed to start with a break in the clouds.  Yes! a little less rain to go.

I finished the workout drenched from head to toe as the rain moved in as I made my way up and down. Done!

Then Monday came.  Professional life in business requires me to look the part.  Heels it was that day.  Yeah need to re-think the wardrobe after hard workouts.  My calves talked to me everyday until finally on Thursday after the massage when it got all worked out.


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