The appointment was set.  I arrived early trying to miss traffic so I sat in his office lobby just plugging away on my laptop getting work done before the meeting.  I had been anticipating this day from the moment I discovered we still weren’t running yet.

The appointment started with me asking “Am I going to get my speed back?”

Coach responded “You will get your aerobic endurance built”

This went back and forth three times.  To when he finally said, “have you seen a tugboat?”
“Of course, I have”  To which he replied “I built you to be a tugboat, strong!”

So there you have it.  I have been build to be strong and steady.  Not sure how I feel about being called a tugboat.  Not something a girl hears everyday.  But I am still hoping some of my speed will come back.  It has been a challenging journey but one that I will keep making until the finish line.