Yesterday we got the plan. Technique tips were given. Questions answered. Then sent on our way to follow the plan. Will it work? Only time will tell. 

So today the plan for me was to conquer the workout after work. Then life happened. A side trip to put up the Christmas tree derailed by rain. Questions about my cat surfaced. She is losing weight. Is she ok? She is 15 so she has lived a good life but it can’t be her time. So to the vet I go. 

Let’s just say this one is tiny but puts up a huge fight. She bit the vet tech, and managed to get her claws all caught up in the carrier. Finally it was decided she would have to be sedated to even have blood work done. An hour and half later return to the vet to find out she was probably one of the most difficult blood draws. For the results I wait. 

Workout…well that will wait too. I am spent. But tomorrow is another day.