The time had been set.  True the forecast in Seattle is always kind of a gamble.  It does rain a lot here.  Especially this year.  But the morning seemed pretty decent. Cloudy, a little cold but so far no rain.

We arrive at the track and as we start getting out of the car we look across the horizon.  Dark clouds loom.  It is then we both realize this might be a very wet and soggy workout.  I joke about if the rain comes I am hiding out in the car.  But I figure we have a shot to get the whole thing finished before the raindrops start.

First lap, warm-up the wind starts picking up.  Second lap, I am finally not freezing and my core temperature is starting to increase.  Third lap, the drizzle begins.  Walking lunges commence and then the rain.

I kept telling myself this is all part of the training.  To just keep going.  That to persevere through the wind, cold, and rain is what being an ironman is all about.  To just not stop moving until the finish.

Well happy to report that is exactly what I did.  But I was soaked through when we finished.  I am not sure my shoes will dry out for a couple of dayd