The Unintentional Consequences of the Triathlon

Hello Muscles

Yup they are there. Pretty much telling me hey we exist and you don’t do this often. I have a feeling the soreness that is traveling all over my body is going to be a constant companion for a bit. So hello gym and weights. Meet your new friend. 

Day #1 

Yesterday we got the plan. Technique tips were given. Questions answered. Then sent on our way to follow the plan. Will it work? Only time will tell. 

So today the plan for me was to conquer the workout after work. Then life happened. A side trip to put up the Christmas tree derailed by rain. Questions about my cat surfaced. She is losing weight. Is she ok? She is 15 so she has lived a good life but it can’t be her time. So to the vet I go. 

Let’s just say this one is tiny but puts up a huge fight. She bit the vet tech, and managed to get her claws all caught up in the carrier. Finally it was decided she would have to be sedated to even have blood work done. An hour and half later return to the vet to find out she was probably one of the most difficult blood draws. For the results I wait. 

Workout…well that will wait too. I am spent. But tomorrow is another day. 

#1 waiting in line

Well it all begins. We volunteered to secure a place in line to sign up for this crazy adventure. 

Right now it is cold and the line began at 3:30 am according to others. We arrived a little before 5am. It stretches out with future Ironmen all waiting for their chance to pay for the pain and joy of crossing the finish line. 


#64 Riding to Nowhere

Pedaling, pedaling, pedaling and yet staying in the same place. Ah, the trainer. Yes that dreaded piece of equipment that I know will make me stronger but is it ever mentally a challenge. 

We were told to go for 90 minutes and find the data points for the first 45 compared to the last. So we set up the trainers, attached the bikes and just started pedaling. Ok well maybe we spent like 30 minutes just trying to get the bike computer working. But then off we went. Pedaling to nowhere. 

Test done.  


#49 I eat hills for breakfast

The messages bounce back and forth.  Are we meeting at 6 or 5:30am? Yup bright and early at crack o’dawn.  Through the flurry of messages it is decided, alarm is set for 4:50 and to bed I go, secretly hoping maybe someone will bail and I can reset the alarm and go back to sleep.

Beep, beep, beep, beep, beep…..the blaring alarm startles me awake. Check my phone….no messages, ugh…here we go.  I asked for this.  But somehow waking before the sun is even thinking about coming up never seems to get easy.

I arrive and the first thing I think the boys say to me is “you look tired”.  Well at least I look like how I feel.  But the workout was already decided upon.  Hills Repeats with a recovery in between.  We start…easy jog and then up.  IMG_0815

Pictures don’t quite do the hill justice. But let’s just say heart pounding, arms pumping and definitely out of breath by the top.  Of course after 4-5 times up I am finally awaking and now thankful for these boys and getting out of bed to conquer my workout before work.  We are getting it done.  IMG_0808

The consequence of the tri.  Great friends who all secretly wish someone else would bail but then all are grateful for the accountability to get up, get out and get it done.


#34 Keeping the Pace

The smiles, the high fives, and watching others reach their goals makes for a pretty awesome morning.  Today was one of those days.

I had the amazing privilege to pace the 2 hour half at the Snohomish River Run this morning with another member of my running group. I remember the day I finally achieved that goal of breaking the 2 hour barrier.  It brought with it a sense of accomplishment and joy that only someone who has gone after a certain goal for a long time can appreciate.  So today it was great to be able to be the rabbit others chased as they attempted that goal as well.

The first mile is always a little bit dicey, as you need to settle into your pace and also manage the crowds from a race start.  A little bobing and weaving and we were under way.  I had talked to a few of the runners around me before we started and heard their goals and knew we might have a pretty good pack.  Thankfully through all the weaving, we did actually keep quite a few with us as we passed each mile marker chatting away to both to distract and enjoy those miles.

At about mile 9 the group was doing great and a few of the men with us were beginning to believe they might actually get that elusive PR.  Mile 12 came and the mile marker felt way off and my pacing partner and I were worried we were going to miss the mark.  Adjustment made and pace increased just ever so slightly to come in for the final push.  As we came up and over the bridge and a left turn and there was the finish before us.  That is where I encouraged the few to dig down deep and just go for it! Go claim that victory that was theirs.

Then we crossed the finish line. 1:59:47 according to my watch.  Success!

The best part was having two of the guys come find me to thank me for helping them finish in under 2 hours.  I was even asked if I could have my picture taken so that he could remember the moment.  Success #2 helping another meet their goal.

Pace Snohomish River Run

The Runner…

The runner in me loves the open road. Just one foot in front of the other. Brisk morning air greeting me as I attempt to awaken for the day. 

This morning as I ran along with friends I heard life updates, race plans, and inside jokes only running buddies can have. The kind of comments probably no one else would laugh at but somehow all of us gave a chuckle as we strode along in pace with each other. 

Tomorrow will hopefully be much the same. Alarm clock set for crack o’dawn. Relishing in the last month of focusing on my running before it gets real and the tri training takes center stage. 

Meeting the Coach

We have had two sessions with our coach.  Session number one.  Learning the science behind the plan.  Session number two.  Testing our strength and endurance.  Let’s just say I have work to do.  Of course the gym has never quite been my thing but I am ready to embark on this journey.

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