Oh how I wish that wasn’t true.  I keep coming back to that phrase.  I love food and love to eat.  I follow shows that focus on food.  Listen to podcasts on food and about chefs.  Participate with a group of women in a supper club.  Love pouring over and trying new recipes.

So that phrase is just…ugh!  Eating to fuel my body I find to be a complete challenge.  I would rather just devour whatever I want and not have to think about it.  Alas that isn’t how life works, is it?  So wanting to get down to a racing weight and be able to be strong at the finish I have been thinking a ton about that phrase.  I am exploring how to make dishes that are healthy,taste good and provide my body the fuel it needs to keep moving.

Oh the love of all things sugary and full of carbs.  We will not part ways but we will have to limit our time together.